You will be treated by specialized physicians, all of whom have years of experience as chief and senior physicians.

Dr. med. Silke Biethahn

Neurology FMH
Leading Physician

Prof. Dr. med. Javier Fandino

Neurochirurgie FMH

Dr. phil. Sarah Mendelowitsch

Neuropsychology and Psychotherapy FSP Linda Bonzel

Neurology FMH
Senior Physician

Dr. med. Roland Glinz

Anaesthesiology FMH

Dr. med. Smaila Mulic

Senior Physician Deputy


Our specialists will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Patients can make an appointment for our general neurological consultations even if they do not have a letter of referral. Patients showing symptoms of a neurological disorder or who already have a diagnosis and are eligible to choose their preferred physician may also make an appointment for a special consultation. For more information and appointments, please contact our office.