Neurozentrum Aarau Empfang Hirslanden Medical Center


NeuroCentre Aarau

Hirslanden Medical Center

Rain 34

5000 Aarau

Telephone Neurology +41 62 836 73 20

Telephone Neurosurgery +41 62 836 73 22

Fax +41 62 836 73 21


Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


NeuroCentre Aarau is located in the Hirslanden Medical Center, across from Kunsthaus Aarau.

Public transportation: Take the train to the SBB Aarau station. Continue by bus in Aarau towards “Innenstadt”, stop at “Kunsthaus” (all lines/one station), or take bus 3 towards Gretzenbach, stop at “Schanz” (two stations).

Parking: There is a limited number of free parking spaces in the underground garage and directly outside the building. The “Schanz” public parking lot located nearby (200 m/650 ft) also offers barrier-free access all the way to NeuroCentre Aarau.


Normally, a referring doctor will set up an appointment. However, patients can also contact our office directly to schedule a general neurological examination or make an appointment for one of our specialist consultations.